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Why use our Hotline?


Many people in the city of Revere have seen things that they think should be remedied in some way, a property full of trash, people parking on their front lawns, trash being left out for days, unmaintained lawns and property–all issues that make a city appear sloppy! Where can you turn?  Who should you report these things to: the City? The Police? The Department of Public Works (DPW)?  Will there be consequences?  What if the neighbor finds out who reported them?  As a result, people are fearful of reporting concerns such as these.

In an attempt to remedy this situation, the Revere Beautification Committee established an anonymous hot line.  This is a telephone number a person can call to register a complaint or concern about any area or residence in the city.  The person calls and registers the complaint—no name or number is asked.  The RBC forwards this complaint to the Inspectional Services department of the City of Revere.  An inspector is sent out to check the complaint.  If it is a valid complaint and violates city statutes, the owner of the property is sent a fine and follow up checks of the property are done.

The RBC meets on a monthly basis with the Mayor, the Inspectional Services Department, and the DPW to review all of the complaints.


Have you seen something that needs reporting? Please call the Hotline: 781-485-2770.



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