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RBC Accomplishments




Since its establishment, the Revere Beautification Committee, working closely with the City of Revere and       the DCR, has been instrumental in the implementation of the following:



Working with the City of Revere and Comfort Inn to beautify Bell Circle.

Working with the City of Revere to beautify Butler Circle.

The installation of more than 100 litter barrels throughout the city.

The adoption of islands by various businesses throughout the city.

The monitoring of local properties through a reporting system that results in a cleaner environment and garners additional revenue for the City through fines for non-compliant offenders.

The planting and maintenance of the flower beds along Revere Beach

The “Business and Home Recognition Program”

Cleaning the Rumney Marsh Burial Ground

Working with DCR to purchase and install new drinking fountains on Revere Beach, to purchase new trash barrels with openings to accommodate pizza boxes along Revere Beach Boulevard, and to purchase a power washer to use on Revere Beach.

Overseeing the beautification of Squire Road for the City of Revere




With the funds that we have raised through the banner program, the barrel program and private donations, we have paid for the following:


The initial landscaping and maintenance of Revere City Hall.

The landscaping of the Revere Society for Cultural & Historic Preservation building.

The brackets for the hanging baskets on Revere Beach.

The replacement "Welcome to Revere" sign at Brown Circle.

The purchase of a replacement maple tree now planted in front of City Hall.

The sponsorship of the "Rockettes" of the Revere Youth Baseball/Softball League.    



The Committee thought that you would like to know what we have been doing with the funds that have

been raised from projects such as the Barrel Program.  We urge you to support us in our efforts to improve

the image of the City of Revere.


The Revere Beautification Committee, PO Box 166, Revere, Ma  02151 - 781-485-2770






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