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Media and Announcements 2015

RBC and Comfort Inn partner to beautify
Bell Circle.  

The RBC met with Comfort Inn representatives and members of Mayor Dan Rizzo's administration to plan the beautification of the long-neglected entrance to Revere.  The process included the hiring of the landscaper, the installation of a sprinkler system, and the completion of and meeting the many state requirements.


After 3 1/2 years, the project was finally completed and the newly beautified Bell Circle was dedicated.  On September 5th, representatives of the Comfort Inn  (Scott Hobbs and Dan Donahue), of the City of Revere (Mayor Dan Rizzo and members of the Revere City Council), Chair Eleanor Vieira and members of the Revere Beautification Committee and landscaper Mark Martorelli gathered at Bell Circle to celebrate its completion.

RBC meets with Mayor to address key issues.
RBC sponsors the Rockettes.

The RBC is proud to be the sponsor of the "Rockettes", a team participating in the Revere Youth Baseball and Softball League.  Pictured are members of the "Rockettes".      

                                        GO  ROCKETTES!

RBC Barrel Program
  • The RBC has been responsible for the installation of many of the trash barrels that have been seen around the city and on Revere Beach.  One of he committee's goals has always been to help clean up the city.  The committee felt that an increase in the number of trash barrels would help to accomplish that goal.


The RBC arranged for the installation of barrels along Broadway and asked members of the community to sponsor them in order to raise money to enable the RBC to accomplish its goals.  This effort is called the barrel program.    (Pictured is members Ron Champoux, Michelle DeMauro and Volunteer David Young). 


It is the major source of funding for the RBC and has enabled us to purchase over 60 barrels that have been placed along Revere Beach over the last 3 years.  In this program, the sponsor pays $200/year to have his/her name placed on the barrel.  The RBC provides the sign and upkeep of the barrel.


If you are interested in sponsoring a barrel, contact the RBC at: 


781-485-2770 or

PO Box 166, Revere, Ma  02151



RBC Meets with DCR Monthly.   

One of the many things that the Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) does is meet with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) on a monthly basis to discuss Revere Beach.


The RBC members meet with several DCR employees, including the Beach Manager and the District Manager.  When appropriate this meeting will include other DCR employees including Park Rangers, Landscapers, etc. 


The purpose of the meeting is to discuss any concerns that have been brought to the attention of the RBC in order to find a common resolution of the complaint.  The RBC members also monitor the beach and inform the DCR of any problems that have been noticed during their monitoring.  The RBC follows up on all concerns until they have been satisfactorily resolved.


In addition, the RBC joins the DCR to apply for a MA "matching funds" grant to purchase needed items for the beach.   Among the items purchased using this program are the litter barrels that line the beach, the water fountains along the beach, the hand dryers in the bathrooms, and partitions in the bathrooms.


The RBC has invited all Revere non-profits to join us at these meetings. 


Pictured (L to R) Christina Doctoroff, Dept of Conservation & Recreation Mass Parks Coastal District Manager, Annette Bornstein, Eleanor Vieira, Bebe Wunderlich and Carol Haney.



RBC donates a tree to the City of Revere.

As everyone in the city of Revere is aware, Revere was devastated by a tornado a year ago.  As a result of the tornado, hundreds of trees that were in the path of the tornado were lost and hopefully, they will eventually be replaced.


The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) has chosen to help the tree replacement effort by donating a sugar maple tree to replace one of the many that were lost.  The mission of the  RBC is to "improve the image of the city of Revere through an aggressive beautification effort".  As a result, the committee members determined that replacing even one of the lost trees is in keeping with their mission.  The RBC is thrilled to be part of this tree replacement effort.

RBC participates in Columbus Day Parade



For the first time, the Revere Beautification Committee participated in this year's Columbus Day Parade on Monday, October 12th.  Members accompanied the beautifully decorated float passing out an informational flyer and packets of flower seeds.  Pieces of candy were also distributed to many members of the crowd.


The float and flyers were the result of the hard work of members Betty Conte and Michelle DeMauro.  Kudos to Michelle and Betty for doing a fantastic job!


RBC wishes you a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season! 
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