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Barrel Program

The focus of the Revere Beautification Committee Barrel Program is to supply covered trash barrels to provide adequate litter control for the city of Revere. These barrels are sponsored by businesses and individuals (at a cost of $200 annually), and the sponsor’s name appears on a metal placard in front of the barrel. To date, the RBC has helped install over 100 barrels located on Broadway, Shirley Avenue, and Beachmont Square. Proceeds received from this program are used for various improvements throughout Revere, including our flower program on Revere Beach and Shirley Avenue, and clean-up and landscaping efforts throughout the city.

The RBC is currently seeking sponsors of the barrels on Broadway and Shirley Avenue to help attain our goal of improving the image of the City of Revere through an aggressive cleanup and beautification program. RBC is looking for businesses that recognize that when Revere looks good, everyone benefits. This is an excellent opportunity for advertising, and the funds go to support RBC efforts to improve the appearance and cleanliness of our sidewalks and streets.  Pictured here:  Ron Champoux, Michelle diMauro, RBC and David Young.

For information or to sponsor a barrel, please call us at (781) 485-2770.

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