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Revere Beautification Committee is an all volunteer non-profit group. Time commitment by volunteers ranges from a few hours a month to many. The committee meets monthly on the first Monday of the month at the St George Condominiums on Revere Beach (click here for the 2014 schedule). Each member contributes what he can: big projects are directed by one or two members and others help.  It’s rewarding to know that these efforts  help to beautify the City that we all appreciate. New ideas are always welcome and new energy always needed. Join us to meet the movers and shakers who want your input and help!

We are always looking for new sponsors for our flower, banner, barrel, and fire hydrant programs, and we welcome individual donations. Click here to make a tax-free DONATION. If you or your business would like to be more involved with the RBC, contact us today!




Eleanor Vieira, chairperson of the Revere Beautification Committee, was walking Revere Beach one morning and saw a man picking up trash.

When asked what he was doing, he responded,” I pick up the excess trash every morning that I walk and it makes me feel better. I’m not a hero or anything, but I can see that it’s something that makes a difference.”  And what a difference it makes!

The gentleman from Winthrop, David Goll, was commended for performing such a great job of civic duty.

You can help keep Revere clean, too. Pick up trash you see in front of your house or on your daily walk. Every little bit helps Revere stay beautiful!

Make a difference like David Goll – clean up trash or debris in your neighborhood today!





Revere Beautification Member Ron Champoux is dedicated to keeping his city a nice place to live. He routinely organizes clean-up efforts around the city on his days off, and has performed a number of tasks including litter and debris pick-up along Highway 1 entrance routes, cleaning Copeland Circle, and painting graffiti along Park Avenue to name a few.

Are you interested in keeping Revere clean? Contact Ron at 617-650-8136 to find out when the next clean-up event is scheduled!

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